Huntington’s Chair

In 2011 two senior occupational therapists working for the QLD independent living centre were working with a client who suffered greatly from the effects of Huntington’s disease.

The sufferer was in regular pain and discomfort as the chronic movements that resulted from the HD caused her to hit hard objects on a regular basis.

The OT’s decided they needed to step in and help this vulnerable woman; it is from this point that they made the decision to contact us here at Novacorr Healthcare. They rang and asked for our assistance, more precisely if we believed we could design a chair to help, a request that we of course accepted.

Needs and suggestions were made over the duration of a few months, changes were made when it was seen to improve the product until eventually the chair was finally completed. The Huntington’s chair as it is now known, was a mammoth success for both the team and more importantly the client.

Our Novacorr HD chair is like no other in the world (our patent on this confirms the statement). Although the chair is specifically designed for those suffering from Huntington’s disease., the chair is still aesthetically pleasing and does not look institutionalized, the chair also acts and moves like that of a regular tilt and lift chair.The chair strength originates from our previously designed bariatric chair (that cal hold up to 350kg in weight) therefore is extremely resilient to physical pressure.

The chair is also custom made to the size and shape of the client in order to optimize comfort. Some other key features of our HD chair are as follows; Hand rails, hospital grade wheels for trouble-free maneuvering, shoulder/groin harnesses for added safety, pressure care seating, marine ply frames, 3 sets of removable and waterproof overlays, personal choice of fabrics.