Huntington’s Bed

Due to the massive success of the Huntington’s chair we decided our next challenge would be to create a Huntington’s bed. We had the same principles when inventing the bed as we did the chair, to facilitate the victims of HD and to make them feel safer and more comfortable.

Here at Novacorr Healthcare we really did go above and beyond in order to find the right materials to create the Huntington’s bed. There were many obstacles and issues that we had to take in to consideration whilst the bed was under construction.

The bed not only had to be resilient and strong (enough to cope with the fast, hard movements that a sufferer would inevitably impact on to it) but more importantly it had to be a secure for both the user and the carer who would be assisting on a daily basis. All this was whilst trying to make the bed look as little like a hospital bed as possible and allowing comfort throughout.

The development and production of the bed was very similar to that of the chair, many trials and tests were carried out during the manufacturing and eventually, the bed was made available worldwide and was additionally patented. After months and months of hard work the bed is now available worldwide, with recent orders coming in from as far as Germany.

Special features of the bed include; an option of manual or electric padded side rails, wireless control, hospital grade wheels, fold down side rails, custom made to fit any mattress you desire, back and leg raise, hi lo functionality, extended warranty, delivery and set up service.