Novacorr Healthcare started as a small family-owned and operated company within the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Novacorr always had a passion for helping clients and first began manufacturing custom-made electric health beds and chairs. Novacorr built a reputation within Australia as the company that would help anyone needing a bed or a chair that wasn’t common and mass produced.

Eventually Novacorr was approached by government Occupational Therapists asking for help to find safe comfortable and strong equipment for people suffering from Huntington’s Disease. Novacorr always accepted any challenges faced with and after 4 years of intense continuing research and development the prototypes were completed and ready for use.Government and private facilities for Huntington’s Disease paitent’s within Australia were all so astonished with the unique products now available.

Eventually a lovely client Kylie and her family allowed us to interview her on camera and show the Novacorr Huntington’s Bed in full use. When this was later put on the Internet for viewing, little did we know it would go viral. One year later and Novacorr is now a worldwide manufacturer of Huntington’s Equipment.

Although we are now a much bigger company than when we started, Novacorr Healthcare is still a small family business at heart. You will find all the family still working together at the Head Office on the Sunshine Coast.