Welcome to Novacorr

Welcome to Novacorr Healthcare, the Huntington’s Disease equipment specialists.

At Novacorr we have designed and manufactured both the Novacorr Huntington’s Bed and Novacorr Huntington’s Chair.

The Novacorrr Huntington’s Bed and the Novacorr Huntington’s Chair are made to allow the patient complete surrounding safety without compromising comfort. Each product is designed to protect both the user and the caring staff as well being built to withhold the stresses of Chorea movements all without the products looking institutionalized.

These are two unique products designed and manufactured with strength and safety in Australia and are now available for purchase worldwide.

Novacorr Healthcare would like to welcome Healthcare Matters to the team. Healthcare Matters have offices in United Kingdom and are expanding throughout Europe to allow service to people suffering from Huntington’s Disease and their families.

Novacorr equipment

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